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Hassan Hajjaj is one of those people who have so much talent that if they were pretentious, you could forgive them for it. After all, if not them, who? The only thing is that Hassan is the exact opposite of that, and the lesson of humility that he symbolizes has our indefinite respect.

For those who haven’t heard of him yet, Hassan is an institution in Morocco as one of the first contemporary artists to strongly establish himself abroad with a very unique style. Hassan puts the finger on the tension between the globalized world’s collective conscience and brands and Morocco’s traditions and cultural heritage.

52 derb Aarjane Rahba lakdima
Marrakech Médina

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We like la Terrasse des épices its a simple but popular rooftop café, were you can eat a sardine tart, a monkfish tagine and have a cup of tea in a very cool and simple atmosphere.

15, souk Cherifia. Sidi Abdelaziz
Marrakech Médina

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