The Green Fellah , Fellah Hotel’s restaurant!

The largest room in our restaurant is a shaded patio which extends into a terrace to our large swimming pool. All the tables enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains and our gardens with their majestic cactus. From the first glance, you will be charmed and certainly disoriented!

Traditional know-how

The Green Fellah offers you a selection of simple but tasty dishes. Whether it is from the culinary traditions of our Moroccan chefs or borrowed from Western cuisine, our dishes always have a touch of local flavor.

The Green Fellah also offers room service.


The TOUCO café, located outside near the pool, provides a totally authentic local street food experience as it is completely run by the residents of the nearby Tassoultante village.  We are proud to give them the opportunity to serve some of the tastiest regional flavors you will ever experience and promote their economy by promoting their specialties. Improving economies through culture is our number one raison d’être.

Do not hesitate to ask for the services hours at our reception